Delisted Participants

The following participants have been delisted for failure to communicate progress in accordance with the COP Policy by the required deadline.

Total number of delisted participants: 16059

Participant Sector Type Country Expelled
2 FAF shpk Construction & Materials SME Albania 24-Jan-2012
Ali Trading Company (Pvt) Ltd Leisure Goods Company Pakistan 10-Apr-2016
Atlantic Energy Drilling Concept Nige... Oil, gas, & coal SME Nigeria 10-Apr-2016
Jeune Chambre de Commerce de Montreal Not Applicable Not Applicable Canada 21-Apr-2017
The Electric Controller and Manufactu... Electronic & Electrical Equ... SME United State... 18-Nov-2014
Perfect Union Not Applicable Not Applicable France 28-Mar-2022
The Global One Foundation Not Applicable Not Applicable United State... 16-Apr-2017
Mediterranean Feed Industry Food Producers SME Tunisia 12-Sep-2019
KAMIRA Cooperativa de Iniciativa Social Diversified SME Spain 14-Mar-2021
Around the World Travel & Leisure SME Iraq 14-Mar-2019