Renault's sustainability website and annual report 2004

  • 01-Jun-2005
Time period
  • January 2004  –  December 2004
  • Renault communicate with stakeholders on sustainability and implementation of the UN Global Compact''s principles through its Annual Report 2004( and its sustainability website (

    Sustainable Development is highly integrated within our Annual Report. The first three chapters are mostly dedicated to adress strategical and corporate responsibility matters. Chapter 3 provides an extensive analysis of Renault''s economic, employee relations, environmental and social performance. And the parts indicated below emphasize the way we communicate on progress with our stakeholders :

    - p 49 to 51 : "Renault''s Core Value" which raise mention to the company support to the Global Compact and its 10 principles.

    - p 160 : Focus on two highly important wordwilde scope social commitments Renault made recently :

    . The Renault group Declaration of Employees Fundamental Rights (October 12, 2004)

    . The Diversity Charter (November 30, 2004)

    p 216 & 217 : Description of our participation and support to the Global Compact and to the "Forum of Friends of the Global Compact", which acts as the representative in france of the UN Global Compact office in New York.

    p 219 to 222 : Mention of our key objectives for environmental, social and employee relations performances.

    p 338 & 339: Cross reference table of the Global Reporting Initiative indicators and the 10 Global compact Principles covered within the whole Annual Report

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