Corporate Responsibiltiy section of the website

  • 13-Dec-2007
Time period
  • January 2007  –  December 2007
  • AXA has revamped the Corporate Responsibility website section of in order to improve visibility on AXA’s sustainable development strategy and its international deployment. In addition, AXA strives to raise general public awareness of sustainable development issues linked to the insurance industry. This section also serves as a reference document on sustainable development issues, including AXA’s current sustainable development policy, examples of best practices and results achieved, news, etc.

    The structure follows two main axes of the Group’s sustainable development strategy: social and environmental responsibility as set down for each stakeholder, and the challenges of sustainable development as an insurer and investor. The section is structured as follows:

    •Strategy and Commitments: SD strategy; Commitments (including commitment to the UN Global Compact); Compliance; Key indicators

    •Financial protection: Risk management; Non-life insurance; Life insurance/ Savings/ Retirement; Asset management

    •Corporate responsibility: Employees; Clients and distributors; Shareholders; Suppliers; Environment; Community involvement.

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