Environment Sustainable Development Report 2003

  • 19-May-2004
Time period
  • January 2004  –  December 2004
  • Veolia Environnement has been publishing a Sustainable Development Report since 2000. The 2003 report contains a Sustainable Development Charter, which provides that the company is committed ?[t]o promote the commitments made in the UN Global Compact and to work with all stakeholders in facilitating access to essential services and towards the respect of fundamental rights.?

    The report also provides extensive information on Veolia?s economic, social and environmental performance. For each section, Veolia provides key performance data and identifies quantified targets in the social and environmental area. The report also contains Environmental Indicators Measurement and Reporting Protocol.

    Sustainable development reporting is mainly done according to the Global Reporting Initiative Guidelines.

    Veolia Environnement has also developed a separate Sustainable Development website (http://www.durable.veoliaenvironnement.com/en/) which contains the Sustainable Development Report and all the environmental and social indicators published by the company. The website also features news about the company?s sustainable development, experts point of view, information about events and meetings, useful links, etc.


    In December 2003 Veolia was awarded the 4th Annual French Sustainability Reporting Awards by the Conseil Supérieur de l''Ordre des Experts Comptables.

    The report was analyzed according to a grid of criteria of rigorous evaluation, which holds account as well contents (indicators, methodology, strategy, organization and system of management, performance) that fundamental principles of the report (relevance, reliability, clearness, comparison, opportunity, exhaustiveness, certification).

    This Price constitutes for Veolia Environnement the recognition of a collective work undertaken with the various actors of the Group, with the daily newspaper, in favour of the durable development. It encourages to continue a step of continuous improvement in a spirit of transparency with respect to the fascinating parts.

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