Faurecia and the Global Compact

  • 2006/09/07
Time period
  • June 2005  –  June 2006
  • From the group’s very beginnings back in 2000, Faurecia has made respecting human rights and the environment a priority. In addition to including these priorities in the company’s mission statement and values, a code of ethics was also drawn up in order to ensure that the Group’s 60,000 employees (spread across the globe in 28 countries) were protected by a well-defined labour policy. This policy is a crucial component within the purchasing division in particular, as Faurecia is a corporation that takes responsibility for its supply chain. A set of evaluations and guarantees was thus drawn up in order to ensure that suppliers adhere to good business practices, with particular focus on environmental protection at the company’s top 400 suppliers.

Principles covered
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