Communication on Progress

  • 12-Oct-2018
Time period
  • October 2017  –  October 2018
  • Stand alone document – Basic COP Template
Differentiation Level
  • This COP qualifies for the Global Compact Active level
  • Includes a CEO statement of continued support for the UN Global Compact and its ten principles
  • Description of actions or relevant policies related to Human Rights
  • Description of actions or relevant policies related to Labour
  • Description of actions or relevant policies related to Environment
  • Description of actions or relevant policies related to Anti-Corruption
  • Includes a measurement of outcomes
  • Statement of continued support by the Chief Executive Officer
  • Statement of the company's chief executive (CEO or equivalent) expressing continued support for the Global Compact and renewing the company's ongoing commitment to the initiative and its principles.

  • I am pleased to confirm that Güler Dinamik (GD) reaffirms its support of the ten principles of the Global Compact with respect to human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

    The Company’s inherent value system and prin-cipled approach to conducting business in an ethical manner reflects its commitment to corporate sustainability, and pledge to adopt good practices and deliver on its fundamental responsibilities in areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

    We believe that the pursuit of excellence also means shaping a more sustainable future for the world and we have the responsibility to align our activity with this ambitious goal.

    For this purpose, our Code of Ethics sets out our highest commitments to human rights, labour standards, the environment and the fight against corruption.

    We constantly work to integrate these commitments into our activities, with the aim of adding value both within GD and for all external stakehol-ders.
    GD’s business strategies, policies and procedures collectively establish a culture of integrity and set the basis for ensuring ling term success whilst upholding its basic responsibilities to people and planet.

    In 2017 we continued to increase our efforts in terms of sustainability, both internally for key functions and processes and externally in our services and projects. Our twin goals are to minimize the impacts of our operations and support customers by generating positive impacts for their business.

    In this annual Communication on Progress we describe our actions to continually improve the integration of the Global Compact and its principles into our business strategy, culture and daily operations. We also commit to share the information with our stakeholders using our primary channels of communication

    Kenan Güler
    Güler Dinamik Gümrük Müşavirliği A.Ş.
    Chairman and CEO

Human Rights
  • Assessment, policy and goals
  • Description of the relevance of human rights for the company (i.e. human rights risk-assessment). Description of policies, public commitments and company goals on Human Rights.

  • Human Rights Principles
    Principle 1: Business should support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights; and
    Principe 2: Make sure that they are not complicit in human rights abuse.

    Policy & Goals
    GD actively supports the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We do not engage in business with any countries or organisations where human rights fail to be respected and unacceptable methods are used e.g. exploitation, torture, politically motivated disappearances, slavery and child labour.

    Our Directors ensure we protect the human rights of our employees through establishing and implementing various policies that support our company values.

    GD has an Ethical Employment Policy which provides a working environment that protects the rights of all employees and individuals. The Policy is designed to encourage, value and manage diversity and to ensure everyone is treated with respect and dignity.

    GD is committed to promoting and valuing diversity in all areas of recruitment, employment, training and promotion. It strives to maintain an environment that is based on merit and inclusiveness. It guards against all forms of discrimination and harassment and is committed to ensuring all employees can develop their full potential, irrespective of race, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, age, political opinion, religion, and belief, ethnic or national origin.

    GD has a Combatting with Bullying and Harassment Policy and is committed to ensuring that all employees are treated fairly and with respect. GD forbids all forms of harassment in the course of employment including that committed by third parties and seeks to ensure that the working environment is comfortable for all its employees.

  • Implementation
  • Description of concrete actions to implement Human Rights policies, address Human Rights risks and respond to Human Rights violations.

  • Implementation
    GD has a Human Recourse Policy which reflect our pro-active state on human rights. Staff consultations are conducted where organisational changes are being implemented to ensure staff are informed and have an opportunity to influence outcomes. GD’s Ethics Code covers policies concerning our employee rights which are founded on sound business practice and legislative requirements.

    Every effort is made to ensure that our third parties re to comply with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We evaluate all partners and suppliers against a set of defined principles, policies and guidelines.

  • Measurement of outcomes
  • Description of how the company monitors and evaluates performance.

  • Assessment - Measurement
    All policies are reviewed for suitability, sustainability and effectiveness on an annual basis or sooner should a significant change occur. These reviews are formally recorded.

    GD has never been subject to any investigation, legal cases or incidents involving Human Rights violations.

  • Assessment, policy and goals
  • Description of the relevance of labour rights for the company (i.e. labour rights-related risks and opportunities). Description of written policies, public commitments and company goals on labour rights.

  • Policy & Goals
    It is GD’s policy to provide employment, training, promotion, pay, benefits and other conditions of employment without regard to race, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, age, political opinion, religion, belief, ethnic or national origin or disability unrelated to an individual’s ability to perform essential job functions. It is also the company’s policy to confirm to all employment standards by law.

    GD affirms with its “Fight with Child and Forced Labor Policy” its support of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) Core Conventions and will not do business with any organisation that uses forced or child labour, and within its own business promotes opportunities for people of all genders to obtain decent and productive work, in conditions of freedom, equity, security and dignity.

    All GD employees are issued with a contract of employment which clearly states their terms and conditions including pay rates, holidays and sickness entitlement.

    All employees are issued with a Company Handbook which includes information on standard terms and conditions of employment, company benefits, company rules, grievance and disciplinary procedures.

    GD also has a robust induction program which introduces employees into the ethos of the company, including its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and the importance of the 10 Princilpes of the UN Global Compact.

    In addition, GD provides detailed guidelines on Health and Safety items such as risk assessments, identified hazards and the procedures in place to reduce or eliminate risks.

  • Implementation
  • Description of concrete actions taken by the company to implement labour policies, address labour risks and respond to labour violations.

  • Implementation
    GD is ISO9001 – Quality Management and ISO37001 certified and has a wide range of policies supporting best practice in terms of labour and employment including; Equality and Diversity Policy, Performance Appraisal Policy and Whistleblowing Policy, Code of Ethics, Ethical Employment Policy.

    To enable seamless integration of new and emerging standards across the business GD has developed an Integrated Management System which incorporates all policies, processes and procedures required to support key compliance requirements including ISO9001 and other ISO standards, best practice guidelines and other industry requisites.

    Formal meetings regarding all compliance and Health and Safety matters are held bi-annually to review current policies and discuss any issues or concerns.

    The meetings are formally recorded and the minutes are available for all to read.

  • Measurement of outcomes
  • Description of how the company monitors and evaluates performance.

  • Measurement
    GD consults with staff on a regular basis through: annual reviews where staff are encouraged to define their own objectives and goals, through annual internal staff suggestion surveys where feedback is gathered about various aspects of the business including HR Policies, and through annual company updates where the CEO and executive team members provide an update on the past business year, achievement made and business projection for the following year.

    GD has not been involved in any investigations, legal cases or other relevant events related to the contravention of the Global Company Labour principle.

    GD has not been subject to any health and safety statutory notices or prosecutions.

  • Assessment, policy and goals
  • Description of the relevance of environmental protection for the company (i.e. environmental risks and opportunities). Description of policies, public commitments and company goals on environmental protection.

  • Policy & Goals
    GD is ISO14001 – Environmental Management accredited and has a wide range of policies supporting best practice in terms of environmental management and minimising any adverse environmental impact.
    GD promotes the use of environmentally sound resources, discourages wasteful and damaging practices and continues with initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibilities through implementation of a detailed and comprehensive Environmental Policy.

  • Implementation
  • Description of concrete actions to implement environmental policies, address environmental risks and respond to environmental incidents.

  • Being mostly office based, the nature of GD’s business makes our environmental impacts relatively small however we a keen to ensure continued commitment to internal policies and controls.

    In context of our Environmental, Legal and Communication Aspects Policy, environmental aspect and impacts along with company environmental objectives, targets have been documented which are reviewed and audited annually with results reported at the Integrated Management Meetings.

    Climate Control – GD Technology has identified the responsibilities relating to the provision and use of energy services and we encourage all employees to take reasonable measures to conserve energy.

    Energy efficiency measures include: automatic controls of heating; automatic light switches;
    good housekeeping measures such as switching off PCs and other office equipment.

  • Measurement of outcomes
  • Description of how the company monitors and evaluates environmental performance.

  • Measurement
    In the last year GD achieved their target of reducing fuel consumption by 5%. This was achieved by using technologies available to use like conference calling, tele- and video-conferencing and the ability for individuals to home-work. GD has also offset its carbon footprint consumption by 10% by replenishing the environment, planting trees in a memorial garden for neo-natal babies.
    GD has never had a reportable environmental incident, and would not expect to, given the nature of our operations. We have never been subject to any statutory notices or prosecutions.

  • Assessment, policy and goals
  • Description of the relevance of anti-corruption for the company (i.e. anti-corruption risk-assessment). Description of policies, public commitments and company goals on anti-corruption.

  • Policy & Goals
    GD is ISO 37001 certified and it is GD’s policy to conduct all of our business in an honest and ethical manner. The company takes a zero-tolerance approach to bribery and corruption and are committed to acting professionally, fairly and with integrity in all its business dealings and relationships wherever it operates and implementing and enforcing effective systems to counter bribery. GD supports the UN Convention.

    GD will uphold all laws relevant to countering bribery and corruption and is compliant with the Bribery Act 2010.

  • Implementation
  • Description of concrete actions to implement anti-corruption policies, address anti-corruption risks and respond to incidents.

  • Implementation
    GD’s Anti-Corruption and Bribery Policy sets out clearly exactly what could be considered bribery in terms of business operation including receiving gifts and hospitality with the CCO (Chief Compliance Officer) being ultimately responsible for anti-corruption within the company.

    All employees are subject to a robust induction process which covers the Company’s Anti-Corruption and Bribery Policy, and all employees who are required are subject to formal Disclosures & Barring Service checks during their probation and then at regular intervals to ensure the integrity of their background and suitability for employment.

    Through ISO27001 internal and external audits, the Data Protection Policy is regularly reviewed with all staff being trained annually on the requirement to protect personal data.

    GD ensures that monetary values are checked under the responsibility of the CCO with a prior check by the Finance Director.

    GD will continue to audit our suppliers to ensure they are ethically trading and not involved in any unethical practices.

  • Measurement of outcomes
  • Description of how the company monitors and evaluates anti-corruption performance.

  • Measurement
    All GD employees go through rigorous checks on induction including proof of citizenship and DBS checks where required which reduces our exposure to risk of corruption.
    Audited accounts are verified by external auditors each year and submitted to Companies House.
    GD has not been involved in any legal cases, rulings or other events related to bribery and corruption..