Communication on Engagement

  • 12-May-2022
Time period
  • January 2020  –  December 2021
  • Stand alone document
  • Includes a CEO statement of continued support for the UN Global Compact and its ten principles
  • Includes a measurement of outcomes
  • The COE contains a description of the practical actions that the organization has taken to promote the Global Compact and its principles through at least one of the following activities.
  • Provide support to UN Global Compact business participants in their own sustainability implementation and disclosure efforts

  • Disseminate the Global Compact principles

  • Deliver education on topics related to the Global Compact

  • Incorporate the Global Compact principles into internal operations and communicate progress following the COP requirements (required)

  • Conduct applied research and thought leadership in relation to the Global Compact

  • Lend capacity to Global Compact Local Networks and / or the Global Compact Office

  • Other actions to support the Global Compact and to engage with the initiative