Non-Business Application

Non-Business Applicants who are eligible to join the UN Global Compact fall under the following categories:

  • academic institutions
  • business associations
  • cities and municipalities
  • civil society organizations
  • foundations
  • labour organizations
  • public sector organizations
  • corporate social responsibility organizations

Step 1

Review the Application Guidelines for a detailed step-by-step guide to the Non-Business Application joining process.

Step 2

Prepare a Letter of Commitment addressed to the UN Secretary-General and signed by your organization’s highest level executive (or equivalent) committing to implement the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact, participation in the activities of the initiative where feasible and submit a biennial submission of a Communication on Engagement (COE). Please find letter templates in English and five other languages below.

Step 3

Complete the Online Application Form and upload a digital copy of the Letter of Commitment signed by the highest level executive. The name of the highest level executive who signed the Letter of Commitment must correspond with the entry in the online registration form.

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