Corporate Investments to Achieve Climate Ambitions

This new report from the CFO Coalition for the SDGs highlights the importance of corporate investments and financing for climate action. As the main direct investors in climate change mitigation, companies are expected to contribute a substantial portion of the capital investment needed between now and 2050 to meet the goals of the Paris Accords, which some estimate could amount to USD 275 trillion. This includes investments in the infrastructure and technology that will underpin low-carbon growth in many sectors of the economy, including power, industrials, agriculture, buildings and mobility.

The report is part of resources developed by the CFO Coalition to respond to increasingly louder calls for greater private sector investment towards Climate Action. It provides guidance and insights for companies in diverse industry sectors to build a bridge between climate ambitions and corporate investment and finance, two of the five areas of the UN Global Compact Forward Faster Campaign. This report is a product of the CFO Coalition for the SDGs and the result of extensive collaboration with members of the Coalition’s Advanced Group, including CFOs and their teams.