Water Resilience Assessment Framework - Corporate Guidance

Building long-term water resilience is essential for a company aiming to mitigate or adapt to current and future shocks and stresses. This guidance is designed to encourage companies to engage with the water systems critical to ensuring sustained business operations over time, and to plan for future trends, possibilities, and risks. It provides a standard, step-wise approach to measuring and enhancing resilience across different industries and provides a set of ‘Water Resilience Indicators’ and a ‘Resilience Scoring Tool’ for corporates. Practical examples are provided throughout the guidance document to showcase how each step could be implemented in practice. Applicable to small, medium, and micro enterprises (SMMEs) as well as large multinational corporations with supply chains across different geographies, this detailed guidance on WRAF for corporates is a step forward for businesses to start embedding resilience into their policy and practices.

ISBN: 978-1-893790-95-7