How Can Digital Solutions Unlock New Opportunities for Financial Inclusion at Scale?

The approximately 2 billion adults that make up the world’s poor and often marginalised struggle to get by without access to formal financial services and tools. Through digital technology and innovation, new business models are being developed with the power to draw underbanked citizens into the formal economy, creating economic opportunities for the poor. As a result, digital solutions such as mobile banking, user interface systems and online impact investing are expanding the customer base and creating new markets for both new and traditional financial service providers. Jointly hosted by the UN Global Compact, Accenture and CARE International UK, this webinar provides an overview of financial inclusion and the digital opportunities available for serving a large untapped market, it offers guidance on how to leverage digital solutions to be more financially inclusive and raises awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals, including encouraging action in support of Goal 1 on ending poverty and Goal 10 on reducing inequality.