Name Type Sector Country Joined On
N.V. EPZ Company Electricity Netherlands 27-Jul-2010
Louis Dreyfus Company Company Food Producers Netherlands 09-Jun-2010
KPN N.V. Company Telecommunications equipment; telecommunications service providers Netherlands 03-Jun-2010
Aidenvironment Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Industrial Support Services Netherlands 05-Mar-2010
Van Swaay Schijndel and Van Swaay Harlingen Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Industrial materials Netherlands 08-Jan-2010
AMG Critical Materials N.V. Company Industrial metals and mining Netherlands 08-Jan-2010
Van Lanschot Kempen NV Company Banks Netherlands 16-Nov-2009
ARCADIS NV Company Industrial Support Services Netherlands 28-Sep-2009
Kendrion N.V. Company General Industrials Netherlands 09-Sep-2009
ACS audiovisual solutions Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Technology Hardware & Equipment Netherlands 07-Jul-2009