Name Type Sector Country Joined On
ASR Nederland N.V. Company Life Insurance Netherlands 2011-12-30
Dietsmann Monte-Carlo SAM Company Industrial Support Services Netherlands 2011-12-22
Nunner Logistics BV Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Industrial Transportation Netherlands 2011-11-23
JCI the Netherlands NGO Local Not Applicable Netherlands 2011-08-19
PROFI-SEC Security Group Company Industrial Support Services Netherlands 2011-08-15
Global March Against Child Labour Foundation Not Applicable Netherlands 2011-08-09
Wealth Management Partners NV Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Finance and credit services Netherlands 2011-06-16
NIBC Company Banks Netherlands 2010-12-09
Ahold Delhaize Company Retailers Netherlands 2010-10-11
N.V. EPZ Company Electricity Netherlands 2010-07-27