Name Type Sector Country Joined On
Grupo ACS Company Construction & Materials Spain 30-Sep-2002
Velatia Company Electricity Spain 30-Sep-2002
Paharpur Business Centre Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Industrial Support Services India 30-Sep-2002
Ficosa International, S.A. Company Automobiles & Parts Spain 24-Sep-2002
Abena Group Company Household Goods & Home Construction Denmark 23-Sep-2002
Applied Information Service, Ltd Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Media Latvia 23-Sep-2002
Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC Company Finance and credit services Sri Lanka 23-Sep-2002
La Casa de las Baterias Company Retailers Panama 23-Sep-2002
Medcom Company Diversified Panama 23-Sep-2002
Rabobank Group Company Finance and credit services Netherlands 23-Sep-2002