Name Type Sector Country Joined On
Interpublic Group Company Media United States of America 2015-10-12
Sodexo Brasil Company Industrial Support Services Brazil 2015-10-09
D&D Instruments Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Automobiles & Parts United States of America 2015-10-06
Universidad EAN Academic Not Applicable Colombia 2015-10-05
CNI - Confederacao Nacional das Industrias Business Association Local Not Applicable Brazil 2015-10-05
Hehner Reus Systems GmbH Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Software & Computer Services Germany 2015-10-05
AGSM AIM Company Gas, Water & Multiutilities Italy 2015-10-05
CESA Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Electricity France 2015-10-05
Fairman Consulting Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Finance and credit services France 2015-10-05
Institute for Economics and Peace NGO Global Not Applicable Australia 2015-10-01