Unlocking Employee Engagement and Upskilling for Sustainability


As we approach International UN Day (24 October), the UN Global Compact, in collaboration with employee engagement experts 2030 Builders, invites you to join us in exploring the vital role of employee engagement in driving the successful acceleration of corporate sustainability and empowering your workforce to be catalysts for change.

In our race against time to realize the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, significant shifts are needed to get the world back on a better path. While companies talk about sustainability more than ever, the integration of sustainable practices into the very fabric of organizations, roles, and decision-making remains a challenge for many. The key lies in authentic employee engagement.

Successful companies and leaders have not only inspired their workforce but have also equipped their employees with intrinsic motivation, ownership, and skills needed to drive sustainable actions. Imagine every member of your workforce or team, no matter their role, incorporating environmental and social concerns into every decision they make! This is the inflection point from where real sustainability progress takes off and companies can turn sustainability goals into lasting competitive advantage and net-zero pledges into reality. How can we make this a reality everywhere?

With over 150 million employees globally working for companies participating in the UN Global Compact, the power to make an impact together is unmatched. Join us and 2030 Builders to explore how, along with the UN Global Compact Academy, we can help you and your company move ahead.

After the session, leverage this UN Day as an opportunity to invite all your employees to advance their sustainability skills and action with the UN Global Compact Academy - our premier learning platform. Invite your employees to create their Academy account using the Academy employee engagement toolkit. This includes an email template, flyer, course catalog and banners for you to easily share with all staff and/or your team.

Oct 17, 2023 04:00 AM Eastern Time

Unlocking Employee Engagement and Upskilling for Sustainability (session 1)

Oct 17, 2023 10:00 AM Eastern Time

Unlocking Employee Engagement and Upskilling for Sustainability (session 2)