Mitigating corruption risks to your business


Having effective anti-corruption, ethics and compliance programmes is a crucial measure in ensuring a company’s performance and reputation. Yet defining and developing these strategies can prove challenging for many organizations.In this next installment of our Deep Dive series on Anti-corruption in business, created in collaboration with UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime), we’ll discuss how companies can start taking action and minimizing issues after identifying their corruption-related risks.Join us on 22 June at 10 a.m. EST to learn from experts and practitioners on:

  • How your company can develop an anti-corruption, ethics and compliance programme that’s effective, efficient and sustainable, and why it’s important
  • The ways corruption risks can be prioritized and ranked after a risk assessment and the next steps your company should take
  • How to design participatory and inclusive policies and incentivize integrity in your organization
  • Key considerations for how to define and implement anti-corruption measures that take into account your company’s maturity and size
  • How to deal with grey areas such as hospitality, gifts and interaction with government officials

This session will feature live translation to Spanish, French, and Portuguese.