Water Resilience Coalition

Be at the forefront of cutting-edge water security efforts

Why Water Security through Stewardship?

Water challenges increasingly pose a significant risk to both business and society. This risk is only expected to increase — by 2025, two-thirds of the world’s population will be living in water-stressed areas. As the impacts of climate change intersect with population growth and economic development, water conditions worldwide face new challenges. These challenges also present an opportunity for business to play a proactive role and contribute to solutions that lead to a sustainable water future.

Join the Water Resilience Coalition

A CEO-led initiative committed to reducing freshwater stress by 2050

The Water Resilience Coalition is a CEO-led, industry-driven initiative of the UN Global Compact CEO Water Mandate committed to reducing water stress by 2050. 

The Water Resilience Coalition builds on over a decade of work by the CEO Water Mandate and is the leading freshwater stewardship platform for global business today. 

In joining the Coalition, companies pledge to make the necessary investments in their own operations ー as well as work together through collective action ー to accomplish three overarching commitments by 2050: address the underlying issues affecting the health of the world’s shared freshwater resources; build resilience in the freshwater basins that serve our communities and industry; and protect the environment on which we all depend.

Our Pledge

Companies that join the Water Resilience Coalition commit to achieve the following by 2050:

Our Pledge:
  • Net positive water impact: Achieve a measurable and net positive impact in water-stressed basins on availability, quality and accessibility through industry-leading water operations and basin initiatives
  • Water-resilient value chain: Develop, implement and enable strategies to support leading impact-based water resilience practices across the global value chain
  • Global leadership: Raise the global ambition of water resilience through public and corporate outreach

...and reaching the half-way mark by 2030.

Pledge signatories commit to achieving interim targets toward the 2050 goals as outlined in the pledge through: 
  • Active support of both extant and new watershed coalitions and partnerships
  • Enabling new tools and emergent technology
  • Spreading shared water use and reporting standards for supply chains
  • Advocating for smart water management and equitable access policies by governments
  • Partnering with fellow WRC members and NGOs on water basin investment and access initiatives.

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