CEOs Taking Action

CEOs Taking Action: Call for Video Submissions

The UN Global Compact invites CEOs to record and submit a video sharing what your company is doing in response to COVID-19 giving examples of efforts to recover from, and support resiliency in the face of this global crisis. We invite you to share your ideas, advice and experience with our global community of more than 10,000 businesses and 68 Local Networks. Only by #UnitingBusiness and supporting each other will we be able to get through this crisis.


What immediate challenges does COVID-19 present to your workforce, community and business?


What are you doing to ensure long-term business continuity and economic recovery?


What is the best way to build resilience?

The inclusion of company names and/or examples in this video series is intended strictly for learning purposes and does not constitute an endorsement of the individual companies by the UN Global Compact.