Early Adopter Programme

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In an effort to add value and streamline the Communication on Progress (CoP), the annual disclosure requirement for participating companies of the United Nations Global Compact, we are launching an enhanced Communication on Progress digital platform in 2023. The new CoP platform will enable participating companies to understand, measure, track and disclose their progress on the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact and their contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals.

To help us on this journey, we extended a special invitation to participating companies to join our Early Adopter Programme. Participants in the Early Adopter Programme will try the new digital platform, provide feedback, and disclose progress using the new CoP platform starting on 1 April 2022 through 30 June 2022. The feedback early adopters provide on quality and usability will help us identify issues, fix them, and make the CoP even better.

Participants of the Early Adopter Programme will:

  1. Get early access to the pre-release version of the CoP platform and its latest features
  2. Access resources, video tutorials and live webinars to support your Communication on Progress transition
  3. Have the opportunity to provide targeted feedback that will shape and improve the platform before its full release in 2023
  4. Get recognition for your support as an Early Adopter
Who is eligible to participate?

Participant companies that have an ‘active’ Global Compact status are eligible to participate in the Early Adopter Programme. Companies in ‘non-communicating’ status were not eligible and should submit their 2022 Communication on Progress via the current system. See Early Adopter Programme FAQs for more details.

What is expected of participants in the Early Adopter Programme?
  • Submit their Communication on Progress using the new system from 1 April through 31 May 2022. (Please note that failure to submit the Communication on Progress during this submission period will result in the company being listed as ‘non-communicating’. ‘Active’ status can be regained anytime by submitting the delayed CoP by 31 December 2022 using the new system)
  • Provide feedback on the CoP questionnaire and test the digital platform throughout the submission process;
  • Attend informational sessions on the Early Adopter Programme in preparation for the April-May 2022 submission period.
How to enroll?

Registration is now closed for the Early Adopter Programme. We thank our more than 1,000 early adopter companies for joining the programme. Please note that the due date for submitting the Communication on Progress as part of the Early Adopter Programme, has been extended to 30 June 2022.

Learn more about the enhanced Communication on Progress

A message from Sanda Ojiambo, CEO & Executive Director of the UN Global Compact on the new Communication on Progress.

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