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The Global Compact was launched in June 18, 2003 with presence of former President Joaquim Chissano. Mozambique became the second country in the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries after Brazil, and the tenth African country to launch the initiative.

FEMA - Environmental Business Forum has taken on the role of Network Coordinator and supported the creation of the Steering Committee.

On the 24th May 2006, the Steering Committee was established with 4 members from the business sector (mCel, Motorcare and BCI, KPMG), one civil society organization (Etica Moçambique), one Government (Ministry of Women and Social Affairs-MMAS) one Business association (FEMA) and UNDP. Since the Steering Committee is elected on a yearly basis by the Network in 2007 this was constituted by: Motorcare , BCI, KPMG, Eco-Sida, MMAS, FEMA and UNDP.


The main objectives and activities of the Network is to make the principles part of the business management strategy of participants, to facilitate the cooperation between participants through the promotion of partnerships in support of UN goals and to establish a self-sustainable Network.

The main achievements of the Network are:

  • Expanded the number of members that subscribe the Global Compact
  • Organized regular dialogues on best practices through working/learning sessions on Social Responsibility
  • Organized workshop for  COP’s  after which 5 companies submitted their
  • Assisting companies in submitting their CoP
  • Organized lectures on CSR and Global Compact at University Eduardo Mondlane.
  • Published and distributed newsletters
  • Produced online newsletters  
  • Representatives from Motorcare and mCel took part in the Ghana Learning Forum
  • After collection of experiences on CSR from companies, Motorcare, Unilever, mCel, Vidagás  appear in the “Africa Leads Book” launched in Ghana
  • The President of the Steering Committee participated in Leaders Summit
  • After collection of experiences on CSR from companies: BIM, mCel and MIPS appear in the Inspirational Guide – Experiences from Africa, launched in Addis Ababa   
  • With the aim to approach the Government on GC initiative the Steering Committee meet the Minister of Women and Social Affairs Tools and Resources




Local Network Reports

Benefits of Participation

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Contact Information

Network Contact Person
Ms. Nurdine Sale

Participant Information

Participation in the Global Compact does not necessarily reflect participation in the Global Compact Local Network.

Participants in Mozambique: 14

Latest Participant:
J.D' Sousa Construcoes
Accepted on 20 September, 2013