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Guidance Material

Guidance on Responsible Business in Conflict-Affected & High-Risk Areas: A Resource for Companies & Investors

The Guidance aims to assist companies in implementing responsible business practices in conflict-affected and high-risk areas consistent with the Global Compact ten principles. The focus is to provide a common reference point for constructive dialogue between companies and investors on what constitutes responsible business practices in difficult operating environments. This voluntary guidance is designed to stimulate learning and dialogue and to promote collective action and innovative partnerships through Global Compact Local Networks and other initiatives. It was developed by the United Nations Global Compact Office, the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) initiative and an expert group comprised of company representatives, investors, civil society leaders, UN representatives and others. (UNGC/PRI, 2010)
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Water as a Casualty of Conflict: Threats to Business and Society in High Risk Areas

Examines the unique nature of water challenges in conflict-affected or high-risk areas and how the management of water resources can in turn affect business operations and society – particularly through its potential to exacerbate conflict. (Pacific Institute/UNGC/PRI/)

>> Water as a Casualty of Conflict: Threats to Business and Society in High Risk Areas (pdf)


Doing Business While Advancing Development and Peace

Provides illustrative examples of how companies from a variety of sectors are positively contributing to peace and development in conflict-prone or post-conflict operating environments. (UNGC, 2010)

>> Doing Business While Advancing Development and Peace (pdf)


Doing Business in a Multi-Cultural World: Challenges and Opportunities

Doing Business in a Multi Cultural World

This publication helps companies to address cross-cultural issues and explore how they can facilitate intercultural understanding in ways that benefit both business and society. (UNGC/UN Alliance of Civilizations, 2009)

>> Doing Business In a Multi-Cultural World (pdf)


Sustaining Business and Peace: a Resource Pack for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises


This new resource has been developed to assist SMEs in understanding how corporate responsibility strategies and activities can contribute to peace and development. (UNGC/International Alert, 2009)

>> Sustaining Business and Peace


Enabling Economies of Peace: Public Policy for Conflict-Sensitive Business

Enabling Economies

This publication — now in its second edition — identifies a range of concrete actions that Governments and international organizations can undertake to better assist private-sector efforts to promote effective conflict-sensitive business practices. (UNGC, revised 2009)

>> Enabling Economies of Peace (pdf)




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