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Guidance Material



UN-Business Partnerships: A Handbook

Assists UN practitioners and corporate representatives to effectively design, implement and evaluate UN-business partnerships. (UNGC, 2013)

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UN-Business Partnership Services: Accelerating and Scaling Transformational Impact

Provides an overview of UN-Business partnership services, developed as a collaborative effort by Global Compact LEAD Task Force members together with UN colleagues from across the system. Designed to accelerate the impact that the UN, business, and other stakeholders can create by working together towards common societal goals. Support services include integrity and due diligence, strategic matchmaking, project and partnership design and delivery, monitoring and evaluation, knowledge management, and capacity building. (UNGC, 2012)

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Developing an Operational Typology and Handbook for UN-Business Partnerships

Outlines a new project in which the Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi) and the UN Global Compact Office will develop an operational partnership typology and a handbook to help partnership practitioners across the UN system design and implement partnerships with greater impact. (GPPi/UNGC, 2012)

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Catalyzing Transformational Partnerships between the United Nations and Business

UN-Business collaboration is not new, but the models of partnership have been evolving. A Task Force was formed to review the recent history of such partnerships, and to make recommendations for enhancing their effectiveness and scale. The report provides the recommendations of the group to both UN and business. (UNGC/Unilever/Dalberg, 2011)

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Partnership fundamentals: A 10-step guide for creating effective UN-Business partnerships

The  guide serves as a step-by-step roadmap for maximizing the transformative potential of partnerships. As transformational partnerships cannot exist without a strong foundation in place from the outset, this guide provides a roadmap for building
effective partnerships, as well as a method to diagnose existing ones. These recommendations have been derived from insights distilled from existing UN-Business partnerships. (UNGC/Unilever/Dalberg, 2011)

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Coming of Age: UN-Private Sector Collaboration Since 2000


Collaboration between the United Nations and the private sector has become ingrained in the way the United Nations and its Agencies, Funds and Programmes function; but it was not always this way. The report charts the evolution of UN-business engagement since 2000. (UNGC/GPPi/UNF/UNOP, 2010)

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The United Nations and the Private Sector: A Framework for Collaboration


A framework outlining different ways in which the private sector can collaborate with UN agencies, funds and programmes to address global challenges. Specifically, it describes how business can make an effective contribution through their core business operations, through social investments and philanthropy, and through advocacy, policy dialogue and institutional frameworks. (UNGC, 2008)

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Enhancing Partnership Value: The Partnership Assessment Tool (PAT)


A tool for companies and the UN to assess the impact and sustainability of partnerships for development, jointly developed by the Global Compact, UNDP, UNITAR and the UN Office for Partnerships (UNGC/UNDP/UNITAR/UNOP, 2007)

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Joining Forces for Change: Innovation and Impact in UN-Business Partnerships


Profiles how companies from a variety of industries have partnered with different United Nations Agencies, Funds and Programmes to help address significant global issues. The guide illustrates how different types of UN-Business partnerships can contribute to development objectives, and shows the win-win potential of collaboration (UNGC, 2007).

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Business Guide to Partnering with NGOs and the United Nations


Developed in collaboration with Dalberg Global Development Advisors, this guide identifies leading NGOs and UN entities from around the world that have demonstrated skill and excellence in partnering with companies. It aims to better equip companies to survey the NGO and UN landscape to match their needs and competences with those of potential partners (UNGC, 2007)

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Business UNusual: Facilitating United Nations Reform Through Partnerships


Partnerships have an increasingly important role to play as a complementary approach to the conventional instruments of international cooperation and development. "Business UNusual" explores how partnerships with business act as a catalyst for reform and innovation throughout the UN organization (UNGC/GPPi, 2005).

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