LEAD Activities

Global Compact LEAD presents a unique opportunity to collaborate with fellow sustainability champions, to be recognized for commitment and sustainability efforts, and, ultimately, to lead the way to a new era of sustainability. The platform aims to further expand sharing and innovation in the field of corporate sustainability, incubate collective action in support of UN goals, and advance corporate diplomacy and advocacy.

Below is a summary of opportunities that will be offered to members of Global Compact LEAD, as well as a brief introduction to how the commitment and engagement of LEAD members will be recognized.

CEO Visibility and Voice

Chief Executive Officers (or Chairpersons) of LEAD members will be invited to participate in events designed to provide maximum visibility and voice vis-à-vis critical global decision makers. A special emphasis will be placed on events and interactions at the nexus of global governance and sustainable development, including the Rio+20 conference in 2012.

Specialized Workstreams

Global Compact LEAD will feature a number of demand-driven symposia and working groups – designed principally for sustainability executives, managers, and experts – in order to explore advanced solutions to challenges and opportunities related to specific components of the Blueprint for Corporate Sustainability Leadership. This would include expert symposia on e.g. Board Adoption and Oversight; Organizational Mainstreaming; as well symposia related to specific UN goals and issues of relevance to LEAD members.  
As a key element of the platform, these symposia will be developed – based on members’ interests/needs – into specialized LEAD working groups that will allow members to frequently receive expert advice and exchange experiences with peers on some of the implementation challenges that are considered especially complex and demanding.

Collective Action

LEAD will be an incubator for collective action by leading companies in collaboration with UN entities, Governments and NGOs to address challenges and dilemmas that no entity or sector can solve alone - such as traceability issues in the supply chain of a specific commodity; or systemic corruption within a given sector or country.

To this end, Global Compact LEAD will offer not only insights into global trends and practices, but first and foremost will use its convening power to draw relevant UN entities, NGOs, and other experts to the table. The UN Global Compact’s more than 90 Local Networks will be leveraged to maximize impact on the ground.

Access to Leading Intelligence

LEAD members will receive intelligence reports, briefs and other feeds related to critical sustainability issues and developments. This intelligence will be drawn from the Global Compact’s ever-expanding global and local knowledge network as well as from other sources of data and trends on corporate sustainability. Customized intelligence will be developed for LEAD members on an ad-hoc basis, where desired or required.

Individualized Assistance

Given the exclusive nature of the LEAD platform, members will on occasion be able to receive individual assistance from Global Compact Office staff with a view to support the development and dissemination of leadership practices. This support would range from brokering relationships with key experts and stakeholders within the broader UN Global Compact universe to assisting with more practical aspects of their Global Compact participation, such as Communication on Progress (COP) submission.

Leadership Recognition

LEAD will provide special opportunities for companies to be recognized for extraordinary commitment and engagement within the Global Compact.

All members will be granted access to a new Global Compact LEAD logo, and will also be listed on the Global Compact website and in publications.

In addition, LEAD members will receive special invitations to events and initiatives of UN partners, Local Networks as well as investors in the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) and business schools in the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME).

Finally, LEAD members will be featured in reports to be disseminated among UN Global Compact stakeholders, providing high-profile recognition and also ensuring that experiences of LEAD companies generate value and inspiration for other Global Compact signatories.



(Last Update 7 December 2010)